W.H.O. Criticism

1990年東京世界大會聯合國世界衛生組織 (W.H.O.)特派員Dr. Weinberger

1. 國際若石健康研究會所努力者,正指向聯合國世界衛生組織W.H.O.對健康的廣義詮釋。

2. 每個人應該對其本身的健康負起責任,這種主動性維護人類幸福的努力,值得鼓勵。

3. 經由傳統醫學與現代醫學配合研究的作法 ,應該更為密切。

At 1990’s RWO-SHR Health Worldwide Conference Tokyo, Dr. Weinberger ( the figure on the photograph on the testimonial ), specially pointed by World Health Organization (W.H.O), the supreme health Organization in the world, participated the whole conference and gave three comments on RWO-SHR Health Institute International and RWO-SHR health method:

1. What RWO-SHR Health Institute International strives for is pointing to the broad definition interpreted by W.H.O. This comment confirms that the direction and goal of the Institute are curate.

2. That everyone is responsible for his own health is an active effort in the maintenance of human well-being. Therefore, it is worthy of praise. This comment approves RWO-SHR health method is an active maintenance method for health

3. The coordination of conventional and modern medicines in a study may make both become closer. This comment admits RWO-SHR health method is a wisdom of conventional and modern medicine in combination.